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My JRT is due to have puppies pretty quick! Today was been 55 days since she was first covered!

She is bred to my former JRT Tricolored male (who know lives with my mom as he just needed more room to run (Didn't enjoy being in the house so much as he got older) Both dogs are registered with the Alberta JRT Club. Binge (Momma) is 2.5 years old and this is her first litter! (Also my first, but my vet has been VERY helpful and is on standby for when the pup's arrive) She still very much enjoys coming out to check the horses with me and is a very happy pooch still! Thank goodness, my vet did tell me to expect some crankiness the closer she gets!

She is a great dog, as is Daddy, and we are really hoping that the pups get a bit of both parents!

Anyone wanna guess what day she will have the pups and how many?

My guess is 2nd of July and I think she will have three. My son says she will have 5!

Some pictures of her baby belly!

And just a few pre pregnancy pictures to show her wonderful personality! We just love this girl!

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