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Hi, posting for the first time here :)

Our 3 and 1/2 year old Vizsla, Molly, just passed away last Monday under anesthesia. This only occurs in 99.85% of cases, so when they did the autopsy, they found that it was a PE (pulmonary embolism). After this devastation, I want to become more active in the dog health community, and I thought that posting about this might help me as well as the community.

PE's are rare, but they can happen. It usually results in shortness of breath, rapid breathing, open mouth breathing, and blue-ish gums. Death from PE's is rare, but it can happen, which makes Molly's case that much more devastating. Not a lot of run-of-the-mill tests your vet does will find these. We had no idea Molly had one, and there was nothing, not even any of those symptoms, that showed there was anything wrong.

No one needs to be worried since these are so rare, and anesthesia in healthy animals is so safe, but I just thought that posting this might give some insight for all you dog lovers out there, as well as helping me heal.

Thanks, guys :huddle:
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