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Problems seeing pictures

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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me to fix this!

More often than not, I can't see the pictures that people post. Instead of displaying the picture, it just says "Permission Denied."

Same thing happened when I returned to a thread that I had posted pictures in. I couldn't see my own pictures!

If it makes any difference, I'm usually accessing the forum from an iPhone.

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Hi there,

Can you give an example of a thread you are unable to view pictures on?

I tried posting and the pictures say permission denied.. What do we do to fix this?
Here is the link to a thread with several pictures that all say "Permission Denied"
Sorry that link doesn't work. What's the title of the thread and what area is it in?

I'll look for it.
Here's another thread that has pictures I can't see-

Thread title: what breed is my dog?

OP: Kaitlynxmariex
I tested the thread using Firefox and Google Chrome and was able to see the images without any issue.

How are you viewing our site? Computer or mobile device? What browser do you use?

I use an iPad or iPhone to access the forum.
i'll test with my iphone..hang tight.
Ok I see what you mean. I'll have our tech team trouble shoot the issue.

Any update on resolving this issue? I still cannot see the majority of pictures posted.

Right now, our team is still working on issues related to our enhanced mobile view of the site. In the meantime, you can visit the Apple App store and download the APP to view the site if you're continuing to use your mobile device.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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