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Normal Temperature, Pulse, Respiratory Rate for Dogs and Cats | ASPCApro

Fever is among the earliest signs of illness, & taking a core temp is a simple, easy health check. // Slip a digital probe into a sandwich bag; be sure to put the heat-welded edge INSIDE the bag 1st, it can cut the anus like a paper-cut. :(
Slip the probe into the rectum after pushing the button to activate it; put the other hand PALM UP flat under the dog's abdomen from behind, between their legs, to stop them sitting on the probe & support their body. When it beeps, slip out bag & probe together, discard bag, read temp.
For dogs who get antsy, clean the face of a kitchen appliance VERY well; rinse it, then use a spatula to lay a thin splotch of low-fat cream cheese, peanut butter, or other gooey stuff on the clean surface of the ['frig, oven door, dishwasher, _____ ]. They'll be busy licking, & U can get that probe in. :thumbsup:

Pulse is easiest to find by using the femoral artery, in the groin - use the FLAT pads of 2 fingers, not a thumb - yer thumb has a strong self-contained pulse, & can confuse what U feel on the pet / other person.

Resp-rate is easy; count breaths on either inhale or exhale [pick one] for 15-secs, & multiply X 4, for the rate per minute.

- terry

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