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Preventing accidents at night

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Hi all, so my pup Theo (12 weeks) is getting along fairy well with house training. There's definitely much we can still work on, but as of now I take him out frequently and on a semi-schedule s he rarely has the chance to go inside during the day. Even when we are gone for hours at a time (5 hours-ish) he is able to hold it until we come back to let him out.

However at night we seems to be having one accident a night. He's currently just in a play pen, with no crate. He also has dinner at around 6 and after then we take up his food and water. Sometimes we will give him treats (6-10 pieces of kibble) while having a mini training session in the late evening.

I'm wondering if there's a way to prevent accidents without me getting up in the middle of the night to take him out? I've also considered crate training but I'm very scared that we'll just have a problem with him peeing inside his crate during the night. What are opinions on leaving out pee pads at night until he can hold it?

I'm getting very exhausted of not having a full nights rest and am just asking advice and for what worked with others? Thanks y'all
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I recently crate trained (and house trained) my older pup who had been living outdoors at someone else's house. It was easy, and no 'accidents' in the crate. She did wake me up one night with some quiet little barks and I took her outside. (That was her only accident in the house, she peed a little at the back door just as I opened the door to the back door to go outside).
Your dog, though, is still a baby and has limited bladder capacity and control. In my experience, puppies will sleep through the night when they are able to do so.
My own opinion is that except for special situations, teaching a dog to go outdoors from the very start is better than using pee pads, because some dogs have difficulty distinguishing carpet from pad.
Also, you used the word 'we' in your description. It might be an idea to have the other person take turns, while you are crate training, with any middle of the night puppy potty needs. That way, your pup can get used to being crated and you can get more sleep.
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