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Pregnant Dam 59 days, temp of 98.1.. What next?!

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Ok, I know the argument for spaying and neutering and I agree a hundred percent. My daughter got her UKC beautiful blue fawn brindled PitBull for free under the condition he got to breed her once and keep half the puppies.

Well I took her temperature this morning and it was 98.1, and shivering on and off. I'm thinking that shivering is happening when she is having contractions. She does not want to get off the couch and go to the area prepared for her to have the pups. I put some trash bags under blankets for her to lay on, and covered her up with a blanket because it is a bit cooler than normal here today.

She seems to be mainly sleeping, is this just first stage or false labor. I thought she would be nesting and searching for a quieter spot besides the living room couch, that is her normal hang out spot.

Any tips or ideas please let me know,

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Have you had her x-rayed to know how many pups to expect? The drop of body temp is an indication she is going to go into labor. I would get her to her birthing area (hopefully a well build welping box) and keep her there. It's easier to do in now then after she has given birth. As a first time mom (I'm guessing) she's just scared and doesn't understand whats happening. Keep a close eye on her.
She might or might not. Every dog is different. First time moms usually have no idea what the heck is happening, and why there are these little things coming out of her, or why she is hurting.
Not yet, the bitch is only just going into labor. She said the X-ray showed 9-11 pups though.
To my understanding it was part of the contract to get the dog that she be bred once and that her breeder could get pick of the puppies. Some people do that. So I'm not surprised she's worried, it's okay to be - I mean it is a big deal :p
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That's good news that she has started to nest. I would now consider keeping the other dogs away from her. The last thing a mother dog wants is other dogs around when she is birthing. Even after that, it's suggested to keep them separate until the puppies are at least 4 weeks so that they don't get sick (assuming you walk your other dog) you wouldn't want the anything coming in from the outside world.
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That's great news. Keep us up to date on the little cleft fella.
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