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Pregnant Dam 59 days, temp of 98.1.. What next?!

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Ok, I know the argument for spaying and neutering and I agree a hundred percent. My daughter got her UKC beautiful blue fawn brindled PitBull for free under the condition he got to breed her once and keep half the puppies.

Well I took her temperature this morning and it was 98.1, and shivering on and off. I'm thinking that shivering is happening when she is having contractions. She does not want to get off the couch and go to the area prepared for her to have the pups. I put some trash bags under blankets for her to lay on, and covered her up with a blanket because it is a bit cooler than normal here today.

She seems to be mainly sleeping, is this just first stage or false labor. I thought she would be nesting and searching for a quieter spot besides the living room couch, that is her normal hang out spot.

Any tips or ideas please let me know,

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Sugar was AI 60 days ago, and natural tie 58 days ago to a prize winning stud. She is expecting 9-11 pups, they could not tell if part of it was shadowing or one pup over the other when they x-rayed her at the vet, at 49 days. She went to the vet yesterday, he laughed and said when the temp drops below 99 the show is on, and he said he thinks those puppies will " shoot out of her like a log in a log flume.", but he described more ansy behavior, not a lump who refuses to move.

I honestly am wondering if there is a chance she is just going to lay here until the pups start to pop out, has anyone heard of a dog laboring that way?

I cannot move her right now. I'm here alone till this evening and she refuses to move on her own. I am 4'11" and her feet used to drag when I picked her up before she was pregnant! Now a good bit heavier I don't think I could carry her down stairs to the prepared whelping area, that has blankets, walls 18 " high and is 4' by 4'.

Is this just early first stage labor, and she will do nesting later or is there a chance her temp will go back up?
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I would keep an eye on her. Watch for agitation. She may be just starting. It can take hours before they go into full labor. You want to watch for starting and stopping of going into labor...sigh of eclampsia.
That was one reason why we took her in to see the Vet at the first of her due time. We wanted to make sure that she wasn't showing any signs of eclampsia, but he informed us it can happen quick and to make sure we limit her calcium for this next week.

She might or might not. Every dog is different. First time moms usually have no idea what the heck is happening, and why there are these little things coming out of her, or why she is hurting.
Thank you both so much for reassuring me this can go on for a while. That there is no need to flip out, which is nice to know. I will let her snooze on her couch and I will sit and write my term paper. I watch her belly she shivers and I can see her belly tighten with contractions.

Ya know I really don't miss pregnancy and labor, LOL

I will let ya'll know when and if anything happens.. Sigh...

Thanks again

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Why are you on a forum asking this stuff? You did this quite purposefully, why don't you know what you are doing???? Prize winning stud and all. :(
I am choosing to not answer your question, in lieu of the fact that you have not fully read the thread of how we came to have this pregnant dam.

Plus their are enough great people on here to more than make up for your rudeness.

Any puppies?
No not yet, she is now actively nesting, and pacing getting ready. We brought a kiddy pool upstairs and lined it with blankets as a make shift whelping box, being she has shown that she really does not like the one we planned for her.. sigh... pregnant females not making up their mind, who would have guessed. The vet said after she starts active labor, pushing, bulging water sac everything should go pretty quick, but this stage can take up to 24 to at worst 48 hours.

We are currently sitting, watching her belly contract, and her jump occasionally. She is still preferring the couch but does get down into her make shift whelping area on and off. She has also decided to growl and bite at any of the other dogs.. So mainly my puppy is learning to stay well clear of her at this point. Hopefully in the next few hours we will have puppies.

I'm starting to figure out that dog labor at home cannot be that different than human labor at home, drink fluids, pee frequently, sleep when you can, and chux pads everywhere. I delivered two of my human babies at home, so this cannot be that much different.

Thanks a lot for all the encouragement and well wishes

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Whoo hoo the Pups are here finally. She got ansy around 1:30 in the morning, we went inside outside, outside inside and paced then around 3am she finally had the first pup. Scared the mess out of her, I cleared its face and suctioned it, when it made a noise she actually jumped to the other side of whelping area. She continued to give birth until about 9:30 this morning. The vet was wrong it wasn't 9-11, but 12 pups. It is kind of funny that on 12/12/12 she gave birth to catch this 12 pups! One of them was a still birth so she still has 11 pups to care for. Well I guess we are going to assist with one. It has a cleft pallet and here in a little while when someone can sit with her Jolie Laide will go to the vet.

The vet wants to verify it is just a cleft lip, and give me some formula to supplement the large brood.

Mom and pups are finally napping and I think I will join them it has been a long 24 hours.

Have a good day everone.

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Btw, if you don't mind answering, I know the breeder is taking half the pups, but is he going to help sell the other pups, or will that be your responsibility? Or was there already a wait list through the breeder?

And what a big litter! First time mama and you are going to have your hands full! :) (get your cleaners ready....)
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Hahaha the breeder,

Ok let me be truthful her my daughter is a lot more honest, and has shown that whole integrity thing in a way I would not have with this guy. I don't trust him, and think he is full of bs. He owns a local pet store dedicated to pitbulls, and I recently found out that he breeds all his bitches to this one sire, and does not expand the genetic diversity. He said they will go through the picking and choosing of the pups, and then he takes his half, gives us Sugars papers, and then we can do as we like.

He has already said that he will sell them for $1000-$1300 and told my daughter she will be able to get only about $500 for hers. He is not helping us do diddly. If my daughter had not wanted a pit for most of her life, and Sugar not so wonderfully sweet I don't think I would have ever done this. I honestly do not know what to do now but we will figure it out over the next few weeks. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

You may have to hand raise it. I had to hold his lip shut so he could bet suction, besides after three days his mom had nothing to do with him.
Who is your vet? Just curious if I know them. Lived in Pcola for years and worked for a few.
We go to Warrington Veterinary Clinic and have been with Dr. Henderson for a while. Dr. Maddux is in office there a lot more now than Dr. Henderson who has decided to cut his work hours and have fun in life.

Dr. Maddux did see little Jolie Laide (in french it means beautiful ugly woman, LOL) He said that she looks good other than the cleft lip. She seems neurologically intact, good heart sounds, was impressed there was not even a newborn heart murmur, considering she was less than 12 hours old.She moves pretty good, and is actually quicker than her litter mates. I have the stuff to bottle feed her, but if I help her latch on so the bad nostril is pressed against the moms teat she suckles like a champ.

In one nursing session she gained 11 grams, which is more than two teaspoons of milk. I reference two teaspoons of milk because that is how much they said she should have of formula every 4 hours, or one teaspoon every 2 hours.

We will see.

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