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I have 3 dogs ages 6, 4, and 2. They have all been with the one(s) older than them since 8 weeks old. They're all Aussies. All dogs have gotten along perfectly fine, playing and sharing. We moved nearly 2 years ago and no problems in the new house. Had a baby nearly a year and a half ago and the dogs had no problem. Baby started walking 5-6 months ago, no problem.

A few months ago, Jango (4) had sores in his ears and needed to take Prednisone and got very hungry and irritable for a week. He started snapping at Tuukka (6) around food and some toys, which he's never done before. Tuukka in turn started to mark on things in the house, something he's never done before. Once Jango was off the meds he doesn't snap as much but still does every once in a while, seemingly randomly (not the same toys, sometimes shares. Same with food). Tuukka has started to mark more and more of the house. We have check if Tuukka just so happened to have a UTI (no), let him outside more, scrub clean the areas he marks to remove smell, etc. Nothing is working. He's just doing it to more and more places.

Jango doesn't do this to Eevee (2), nor is he aggressive to us or the baby, he's very loving. Jango and Eevee are best friends and play a ton together and are very active. Tuukka isn't nearly as active, but will join them on occasion. Jango likes playing with Tuukka as well, just randomly snaps. Each time he does, Tuukka starts to mark more (Jango doesn't).
At a bit of a loss at what to try, any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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