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Hehe all I have to say is that I love my two Poms!!!! They are sooo awesome! Well only one is mine...the other is my sisters.

Anyone else like them?

Here's a video of the trick I taught my dog!
YouTube - Akebono the dancing dog!
He didn't do it as good as he can, but he did it hehe
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I don't have much experience with poms except for one my aunt and uncle own, but he's really snobby and doesn't like anyone. He's not mean, just seems to think he's above you. :) They're older and never had any kids so he IS their kid and is quite spoiled!

Years ago I worked at a boarding kennel and later an animal hospital and always hated seeing poms that were shaved. Is that common?
Normally they are shaved if they get too snarrled up. Since they have thick coats they got to be brushed like every day or so to keep up with it and make it so they get no knots.

Any small dog can get spoiled because they are small and not that big of issue. My pom thankfully knows most of his manners and listens pretty well
Oh yes, I know all too well about how little dogs get spoiled. :D
Yay, finally seen a doggy on here. What a spunky little monkey he is. Just love the poms. Thanks for sharing :D
I have a pom too, he's not at all snooty.
mine isn't snotty....he's just moody lol...seriously, if I roll on my bed and I accidently bumb him, he starts growling lol
Oh I know how you feel lol.
But their SOO affectionate.
I have a black 4 1/2 yr old pom. she can be moody, and the barking is a little off the chain, but she is so sweet, and we love her dearly.
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