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PMR questions

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So next month im ordering Jessie whole prey model raw pieces and doing the 80 10 10 ratio. However when it comes to organs if she is allergic to lamb meat will she be allergic/sensitive to lamb kidneys? i know the heart is meat.

Also i need 3kg or 4kg of food for Jessie from this store :

i need to balance it right and since she has only been on prey model raw pre made from Raw dog food Wellington Raw meat diet for dogs Kapiti it will be ok? however its the organs that concern me if she will eat them. she has from the website the rabbit venison and lamb tripe mix with rabbit and goat, rabbit pieces.

I know i need organs, meat and heart , offal. got enough food for a month
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Oh my goodness that's funny! The dark poops can be from liver. It tends to cause black or really dark poops with a good bit of odor. And yes, that combined with deworming and vaccines can be a factor as well. I personally don't vaccinate mine, and only deworm if needed.
I agree its funny i should share that story in general discussion lol! the farts she was doing before poop reminded me of when she was on premade mix very assaulting to my nose.

When i move to UK i wont be vaccinating unless needed and they titre test there too so that will help. Jessie gets into alsorts on walks so i worm her every 3-6 months tbh i rarely worm her these days as i forgetful but needed to see result of worming her with endogard as that will be used 2 days before flying to UK.

i thought it was prob the liver causing the black poop and not the kidney. i held off yesterday with organs and her poops are back to normal as of yesterday. thank goodness. only now she is suffering with urine ph problems as got into the labs food.
urine ph back to normal thank goodness. also found tripe with organ and bone really helps for when i increase the liver by 4 grams! only she had mint green solid poop on second poop that first time lol. was intresting...........

Thinking even though wary of duck of ordering either necks or duck mince and introduce slowly and see what happens? i no idea how old the duck necks i last tried were but made her sick but if its from woofles well lets see shall we? but am i best to go with necks or mince? no idea necks are $5 for 500gm and mince $8 for kg
i assume go slowly with how much duck neck and build it up? or just feed however many grams she needs and see what happens?
so having weight battles with Jessie! first coconut oil made her 5.9kg so spent nearly a month cutting down her food to get her to 5.7kg which was when our first order from woofles came. then she dropped to 5.5kg then 5.4 and 5.3kg. so fed her 160gm a day from 137.5gma day and she again 5.3kg today! i cant tell you how frustrating it is but it must be the stress of all people coming to view house or its just so hot she needs more food because she is very healthy and nothing wrong with her. feel she a piglet. any suggestions? cant order duck necks and more food till next week so we have beef tounge heart and cheek mix , veal, bit of lamb left over, and 1.2kg tripe left along with bone in rabbit.

what are the fatty meats aside from lamb?
what she is getting at the moment a friend very kindly coverted the chart into grams :)


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got beef just introducing it to her slowly. veal isnt fatty is it? oh going to buy lamb briskets too (at dads expense) is pork considered bland or rich?
Pork is the blandest of the red meats, but still fatty.

Veal and lamb are the same thing I think? I'm pretty sure.
nope lamb darker in color and veal lighter kinda a pink meat if makes sense.

looking up sodium content of supermarket range pork online
So Jessie is now on multiple protiens which are
lamb/lamb brisket
rabbit pieces
beef tounge heart and cheek mince
boneless veal

We have to try some duck necks! this will be ultimate test for duck as previosuly not sure if the duck necks were old and off but she vomited and had direha but then one time she got it she had colitis from diet, another time worming pill which make her ill apart from endogard so far fingers crossed. So will soon know if she can tolerate it or not. im nervous but will try it next week as this week is lamb brisket to try.

whats the best way with the necks give 53gm at once or 20gm a time?
yes for Jessie its a very good variety! unfortunately other night i found out the hard way i fed too much bone last week 3 x 55gm as i thought one bone in was actually beef mince and it wasnt! whoops. but the liver and kidneys helped but today she did poop but was a bit hard to get out so gave extra 4 gm liver to help her along.

it was horrible seeing her go poop multiple times but only poop twice thin long unformed stool and then over night inbetween loose stool and diareha woke up to it yesterday on laundry floor before house sale went uncondtional you can imagine my stress when it stained the lino!? got it out in the end.

needless tommorow (wed) instead and lamb brisket i had to forget for monday lol.
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