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PMR questions

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So next month im ordering Jessie whole prey model raw pieces and doing the 80 10 10 ratio. However when it comes to organs if she is allergic to lamb meat will she be allergic/sensitive to lamb kidneys? i know the heart is meat.

Also i need 3kg or 4kg of food for Jessie from this store :

i need to balance it right and since she has only been on prey model raw pre made from Raw dog food Wellington Raw meat diet for dogs Kapiti it will be ok? however its the organs that concern me if she will eat them. she has from the website the rabbit venison and lamb tripe mix with rabbit and goat, rabbit pieces.

I know i need organs, meat and heart , offal. got enough food for a month
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Pigs stomach what color should it be? It was white looking. Maybe feed say 20g heart with bone in then increase daily by 20g till she can handle it?

Rather not feed tripe but heard its good for when feeding organ so jo cannon butt?
I don't know about the stomach, I don't feed it. But if it's white like the store bought tripe, intended for humans then it has probably been bleached as well.

I wouldn't think tripe would help prevent cannon butt. I have never heard that. As rich as heart is, I would stick to adding bone to help with that. And yes, it sounds like you have the right idea with how you are thinking of starting with the heart, I would do that way for sure.
It was white for sure i saw it with my own eyes and said to dad i cant feed that if its white because it will have been bleached and you cant feed if been bleached. So dad is learning alot and i may not post much in the raw feeding community on facebook or at all at times but i do read through RFC chat and see some posts where i learn a few things or so. that being one of them.

So glad i started this thread as you all so helpful and its building my confidence in balancing things out.

saw some lamb bones but werent sure if weight bearing or not so left them but honest it was this big tray for $3! were small pieces too.

what are classed as weight bearing bones? anything not sure on will post questions here :) im also hoping she slows down a bit when eating as she gobbles her food down i know the labs are fed dry food acana light and fit but to beat a lab at eating and such a little dog is amazing! even the CGC asssesor remarked on that and laughed thinking there would be food left after i patted her whilst eating nad then removed the dish. nothing left i wish i video his reaction was priceless
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@naturalfeddogs @TiggerBounce can you honestly say this dog would starve? looking at photos we have top 2 rows rabbit venison and tripe which goes to bottom right hand side, next down is rabbit and goat, then minced green tripe.

next pic we have a rabbit shoulder, turkey mince and somewhere there pork to try.

Dad laughed when i showed him today my freezer and said in a earthquake Jessie wouldnt starve. I was thinking @LoveMyFosters belle could eat that in a day to maintain her weight feeding the 12 pups! none of that is my meat or food.


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So im thinking theres something going on here and a couple people on facebook RFC chat think its the venison. basically twice a month she gets really bad farts for a few days then eventually goes poop and until last few days she was going daily i saw that with my own eyes over the last week now that seems to have stopped as of 2 days ago. 3 days ago the bad farts started and just getting worse and so frequent she looks miserable. Given her a rabbit shoulder and some green tripe today minced version.

Going to see if i can sell the rabbit venison and tripe mix once i get this order
just placed the order they giving me 2kg tripe added on my order which they running low on but as Jessie has upset guts and they want her on tripe for a whole week they said we can have 2kg tripe. i hate whole tripe but gosh i need to get her guts sorted asap!
Mine eat deer scraps from processors every year during deer season, and yep, the farts will gag a maggot. The farts seem to only last the first few days they are eating deer and then they are pretty much over. Fresh beef does it as well. just really rich meats.
Thankfully and i mean that! the rabbit shoulder and tripe (she had tripe exculsively today to her delight) firmed it up enough that she didnt get diareha and got a somewhat normal looking poo just a tad soft looking but otherwise ive escaped the bad poo and smell that comes with it .

whew i dont know if i could of coped with really soft poo and diareha! she was really miserable overnight and today she snuggled into me on the bed then when i saw she went poo when she came running inside(was busy so didnt see her do the poo just noticed a poo on the grass and went to check it) i was most relieved now the gas will go completely!

Normally she is ok with venison and of course the company deny its the venison i think i know my own dog far better then they do. they say she has gastro bug! and its not their food as they sell that mix 1200 packs a week! however due to my instience they are looking into that batch. apparently they use human grade helicopter shot Fiordland wild venison. Should be highly palatable.

end of day i said i think we all need to remember that everyone is different with what can eat etc and that goes for dogs too.
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So far Jess loves the tripe and no side effects :) however after next wed im a litle mixed up is it ok to give her full horse mince 125gm on day she doesnt need organ and bone in? or will that be too fast? do i do half green tripe half horse? i know she has had pre made mix but i dont want to upset her guts. Also on organ day next week do i just give a little to start with?

Sorry not sleeping well and want to do this right even though been on pre made raw for more then 11 months. just bit nervous

Jessie did so well on the tripe only had firm solid poop! YAY!!!!!! so far touch wood still firm poop did notice a low odor fart that i can accept and live with :) she is going onto veal now with half a cube tripe for next 2-3 days to make sure all good there because bit nervous if just give her 137.5gm of it she will get diareha again which dont need.

I HATE tripe! i have learnt to open it outside and feed it outside lol :/ of course Jess loves it. she started on 125gm(4.4 ounces) a day but she lost 200gm! before she loses anymore upping to 2.5% of 5.5kg which is 137.5gm (4.85 ounces) a day

So i think i need to do a spreadsheet of how much of what she gets and what day! what a little piglet :) here is current pic though hair grown back and due a cut again at 5.5kg 12.12 pounds that is. its the perfect weight for her but she cant lose any more


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Oh dear ive made error bad one in my books I forgot to give her more bone in and she just had the soft poo just after she ate tripe and veal. Can't be from lamb kidney or it be diarrhea other day and was only 11gm was going to give her same amount liver today now I can't?
Just give her something with bone for the next meal, then give her liver at the meal after that. You can add some bone then too if you want. I almost always give something with bone when I give liver, just to be safe.
Holding off till thursday on liver i think. She not been well at rear end today still. she really just perked up. gave another bone in rabbit piece. i think i added veal far too fast and combined with the late bone in squirts galore.

So dad says on friday/saturday poop was normal after kidney so will add little kidney and tiny liver to bone in meal thursday. Worked out how much meat, bone in, liver and kidney she to get those two days in full when on full amount of offal/organ.
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hooray poop nice and frim /solid but gosh Jessie can do really long poops!!!!!!!!!!! im guessing 6cm longish!if not longer. However they will go back to nromal size now i hope. tripe and bone in rabbit sure helped. Did forget to prep thursday bone in meal but prepped that with 6gm liver and will include 11g kidney since she seemd ok with that.

Figure if feed it in the morning the bone in and organs then more chance of solid firm normal stools next morning :) then feed the meat (horse) in evening. Put her back on horse for time being for 4 days but will prep more horse with tiny bit of veal at a time maybe 20-50gm for few days before upping amount to full 137.5gm which is hard to get precise on scales so its 137 or 138gm i do.

So far maintaining the weight of 5.5kg which im happy about. gosh its alot to get used to esp with the move upcoming but better start now then when i get to uk where i have so much to sort out and she couldnt stay on the premade any longer so was no choice. Happy though i think her coat might be starting to get softer.
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omg so angry at dad who is in dog house! i asked him nicely to store in his freezer containers of lamb kidney, lamb liver. also in packaging the lambs ,hearts pig heart pig liver. Most angry about the organs! but the veal neck bones were in a container and they were rotton too! all of that rotton and those kidneys were a bargain! argh so angry! i so dont need to go hunting supermarkets and the supermarket got kidney and lamb heart from havent any atm :(
and she needs it for next week the kidney and liver!
What happened?
Due to Jessies food intake going up so we can maintain her current weight (5.5kg) she needs 137.5gm of food a day. I calculated how much i had left and had to order more but due to lack of space in freezer i kindly asked dad to do me a favor and store the veal neck bones, lamb hearts, lamb kidneys, pig liver, pig hearts, lambs fry aka liver in his freezer for me can he please put it away as i got another order coming? he said yes i place them on backseat of his car and yesterday i got my order all good right?

well dad picks me up to take me to his and we about to walk dogs after estate agent been and left there was everything i asked him to put in the freezer he smelt it when got back all rotton! no wonder as its been really hot. When i got those it was with my money i have on low income. Now in weekend im to go with him to new world in thorndon and the city or even pak n save to get Jessie the most essential part of her diet kidney and liver! i wasnt bothered about the hearts it was the offal!

why? because i havent enough for a week only this week. honestly dad isnt that old at 57 and he forgets to do something for Jessie and i. was hoping to go to his and measure it out till i had room to store it :( now i cant.

think when i get the offal again im cutting it to size at the time before defrosting though.
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Yes he threw it all out as it smelt rotton and Jessie sensitive system and he doesnt want her getting sick
Dang, I hate that for you
Thanks me too esp as the kidneys were supposed to be 10.99 but were 4.99! Obviously if to do ask dad again I go with him and make sure he puts away. Just don't need the stress of this with so much going on especially with move happening. Btw tommirow is bone in and offal day I want to give her that meal in morning but out for few hours so what do I do feed in morning and hope no squirts or accidents inside or feed evening? 6gm liver and 11gm kidney to start with. 48gm bone in. Rest meat which is separate container.
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If you aren't going to be home for a while and you are worried about the poop issues, just feed a bone in meal, with no organ until you are there. Not getting organ right then isn't going to hurt anything at all.
Ok if i dont end up going course in morning will make it evening :) thanks you are ever so helpful!
Is she ok with duck?

If so, duck feet are pretty awesome. They're boney pieces that are quick and easy to throw into any meal when you need to up the bone content a bit. I use chicken feet, but I know Jesse seems to be very sensitive to chicken, so duck is a good alternative.
Duck im unsure about sadly when i tried a duck neck she had vomit and diareha. but then again she did have wormer so hard to say. Sadly woofles dont do samples so might have to risk it next order and try it? i wonder if butcher will have duck feet or one i can try. woofles have arriving today lamb briskets! so happy about that. we are unsure about veal as i introduced it far too fast so on horse for few days or so and will give 50gm veal with 87.5gm horse to see how it goes. if that goes well for 2 days try 80 then 100 then 120 etc till get to 137.5gm.

Also rang up a supermarket not to far from me to ask if have lambs fry or lambs kidneys yes to lambs kidneys at 4.99 each 2 packs left asked them to hold it for me dont care about the weight of them just need to get hold of it while can.

If i was to try duck again it would have to be tiny amounts at a time first. the lamb mix woofles have is lamb chicken nad fish so thats a no go atm.

At least Jessie has coming 50% offal that we badly need! thanks to dad not freezing it in time but he is paying for it.
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btw as a joke mum sent me a link to for some dry food for Jess i wasn't impressed with ingredients even though meant to be tailor made for her i told mum as a result of that bad joke she can feed Jessie tripe for a week when get to uk!
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Ha Ha!! Payback!!:D
Sure is payback! btw stayed off course today and Jessie so impatient for her food. 48g bone in rabbit, 9g kidney 6 g liver for time being building up with organ amount to 24g each. here video
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So Jessie did this week have normal stools on tuesday onward so upped on thursday from 6gm liver to 10gm and from 13gm kidney to 16gm kidney. well everything happened at once worming vaccines annual and rabies and organ/bone in. Jessie has been having nasty farts and poop last few days so we are skipping the organ in the morning and doing bone in with tripe and tripe rest of tommorow then tuesday goat. Thursday she will get organ if poop normal.

yesterday was long and black today was light black with mint green mucus on top and i pick up her poo everytime esp on walks and i forgot to take the poo bag containing poo in it out the car before went in the house dad goes for a coffee(he told me its a normal poo on walk told him it isnt) and he gets back and says there was this terrible smell in my car. i thought it was a pair of trainers but it wasnt then i saw the plastic bag of dog poo and it was that it (swear word) stank badly. i laughed hard and said i told you it aint a normal poo.

that teaches my dad to tell me what a normal dog poo is lol.
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