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PMR questions

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So next month im ordering Jessie whole prey model raw pieces and doing the 80 10 10 ratio. However when it comes to organs if she is allergic to lamb meat will she be allergic/sensitive to lamb kidneys? i know the heart is meat.

Also i need 3kg or 4kg of food for Jessie from this store :

i need to balance it right and since she has only been on prey model raw pre made from Raw dog food Wellington Raw meat diet for dogs Kapiti it will be ok? however its the organs that concern me if she will eat them. she has from the website the rabbit venison and lamb tripe mix with rabbit and goat, rabbit pieces.

I know i need organs, meat and heart , offal. got enough food for a month
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Necks would be the most beneficial, if they will work.
Beef and pork are fatty. Most red meats in general tend to put on weight better than something like turkey or chicken.
Pork is the blandest of the red meats, but still fatty.

Veal and lamb are the same thing I think? I'm pretty sure.
Like chicken, some dark meat some light, but comes from the same animal.

One may be a little fattier cuts than the other, but from the same animal, and lamb/veal is a fattier meat than chicken or turkey.
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Lamb comes from sheep.
Veal comes from calves aka baby cows.

Veal is leaner than lamb, 8 gram vs. 21 in lamb, according to google.
Oh yea! That's right! Duh!! I knew veal was a baby, just couldn't remember which it came from! And my dad raised cattle. I was raised around it.........
So Jessie is now on multiple protiens which are
lamb/lamb brisket
rabbit pieces
beef tounge heart and cheek mince
boneless veal

We have to try some duck necks! this will be ultimate test for duck as previosuly not sure if the duck necks were old and off but she vomited and had direha but then one time she got it she had colitis from diet, another time worming pill which make her ill apart from endogard so far fingers crossed. So will soon know if she can tolerate it or not. im nervous but will try it next week as this week is lamb brisket to try.

whats the best way with the necks give 53gm at once or 20gm a time?
You have a good variety of proteins. Try the duck necks again and if they don't work for her just don't give them. You can use lamb ribs and rabbit for bone. You could add pork and pork ribs as well.
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