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PMR questions

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So next month im ordering Jessie whole prey model raw pieces and doing the 80 10 10 ratio. However when it comes to organs if she is allergic to lamb meat will she be allergic/sensitive to lamb kidneys? i know the heart is meat.

Also i need 3kg or 4kg of food for Jessie from this store :

i need to balance it right and since she has only been on prey model raw pre made from Raw dog food Wellington Raw meat diet for dogs Kapiti it will be ok? however its the organs that concern me if she will eat them. she has from the website the rabbit venison and lamb tripe mix with rabbit and goat, rabbit pieces.

I know i need organs, meat and heart , offal. got enough food for a month
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Like chicken, some dark meat some light, but comes from the same animal.

One may be a little fattier cuts than the other, but from the same animal, and lamb/veal is a fattier meat than chicken or turkey.
Lamb comes from sheep.
Veal comes from calves aka baby cows.

Veal is leaner than lamb, 8 gram vs. 21 in lamb, according to google.
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