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It gets better though she still has to go through adolescence next!
Shes still very young and she has to learn self control .
One thing , you cant always be sure your pup does really know what you want her to do.
Pups and dogs do great at training classes but they also have to learn those commands at home too as they don't generalise well , being in a different place or using different body language can throw them.

Suppose you teach your dog to sit in your kitchen , you stand in a certain way he sits in front of you and you give him a treat . Suppose you want to him to sit at the kerb on a walk before you cross the road, everything is different , the scene is different , your not standing in front of him and he has to sit to the side of you . It can be very confusing , this happened with my dog , when I wanted him to sit at the kerb , He would move and try to sit in front of me , a bit dangerous as we were so close to the road!
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