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It does get better! :)

Sounds like normal puppy behaviour to me. It might be that she's just super excited to head outside and can't control her self. Do you act excited when it's time to go out for a potty break? If so that might be contributing to her excitement to go outside, try just calming grabbing her leash if she starts to bite and get excited once the leash is on unclip it and let her chill in her crate for 2-5mins, then try again. Will probably quite a few attempts before she settles.

Not sure if it will help, but you might also want to work on a 'wait' command as well as the leave it. I use these as 2 different things. Wait means be patient until I say it's ok then you'll get what you want, and his leave it is more of a don't touch that, He also has a drop and trade command, drop we use when playing - as in drop that and I'll throw it again. and trade is a give me what you've got and I'll give you something better, mostly used when he manages to find a rogue sock.
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