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Hello! My boyfriend and I recently adopted a 2 year old female hound mix from the shelter. They rescued her from an abusive situation, so she is very timid and scared of mostly everything. We spent the past couple of months going to visit her in the shelter and letting her get to know us and our other dogs before deciding to foster her....we already know we are going to be foster failures. 😂
She's a very sweet dog and is doing great in the house. She's become comfortable enough to play, eat and sleep no problem. She's even made herself at home on our furniture. Our only problem is the potty training.
I've been taking her out on a regular schedule of every 2 hours, plus taking her out 10 minutes after any time she eats or drinks. However, she absolutely will not potty outside, no matter how long we stay out there with her. Yesterday my boyfriend and I spent an hour each walking her around the yard. Then she will come inside and within a few minutes, potty right in front of us in the floor.
I know most of it is just going to take time and patience, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips?
Thanks in advance!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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