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Perhaps she was punished for soiling in the house by her previous owner. Often dogs learn the wrong lesson when they are punished for soiling inside. They think, "Uh oh, mustn't pee when anyone is watching me," instead of "Oops, I'm supposed to pee outside." It then becomes very hard to teach them to pee on leash, as you are always right next to them when they might feel the urge.

How are you dealing with the pee situation inside? Are you using pee pads, or are you just cleaning up the mess each time? Do you have a fenced yard, or are you stuck walking her on leash?

I think I would try setting up a protected potty area outside, one with some permeable screening so she feels secure but can still see that nobody is sneaking up on her. Put some of her poop and the rags you used to clean up one of her messes in her potty area. Add one of her dirty pee pads if you have been using them. Take her to the potty area, move off to the side so you aren't making direct eye contact, and see what she does. Give it multiple tries each day over the course of a week. Immediately reward her heavily, like half or even a whole stick of string cheese broken into smaller pieces, if she does pee.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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