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Please help me, im desperate. My dog is having fits and after giving a clear blood test, the vet is telling me that he is 95% certain he has a brain tumour.

I finished the last day of my job last week and nothing from the agency at the minute, so I have no funds coming in. Im just about to sell my car, CDs etc to try and raise the money for what i think will probably end up being an MRI scan and either radiotherapy or surgery, but at best im only gonna be able to raise £1000

The cheapest i have found is £1500 for MRI (although someone has given me some info on a £900 scan, but im yet to see if thats possible for the brain too) and then a further £1600 for radiotherapy or £2-3000 for surgery, so a total of £3000-£4600

This couldnt have come at a worse possible time, both my parents are worse than broke.

Does ANYONE know of a specialist that charges less than £1500 for an MRI?

Also, the vets have taken bloods and because the bloods have come back clear, then they have assumed that it is a brain tumor and put him on prednicare 4x5mg twice daily. I wasnt entirely happy with this because it seemed to assume too much.

Do blood tests safely cover everything other than a tumor? Or are there other things I should consider prior to an MRI scan?

I am desperate. Ozzy is my life, i have devoted my life to him and he is everything to me, my best friend, i love him so much. please help me------------------------------------------------------------------
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