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I've been trying to find Echo a good dog to play with for a long time, but it's been hard. She is a little timid at first, but just loves to play with other dogs and have fun.

Unfortunately, as surrounded by dogs as she is, she almost never has someone to play with. Reese played with her when she was a puppy, but after a year old, Reese was done. She just likes raising puppies, she's too old to want the hard playing. And Chess does not like other dogs and tells her off if she tries to play. On top of that, she's been attacked by my roommates GSD and my sisters dog, for no reason, so the poor dog is just lonely. There's a few dogs at my barn that will chase her a bit, but none that are as active and athletic as her.

My friend just recently got an almost 2 year old aussie, and I knew she'd be perfect for her to play with. Echo has never ending energy and is insanely fast, so I figured maybe an aussie could actually keep up. They absolutely hit it off! They tore around at top speed for awhile, and then Echo taught Elsa to play bitey face, which is her favorite after being chased. They played for 2 hours, and Echo cried when they left. Funny thing is, at the end the aussie was clearly pooped and Echo still wanted to play!! Although she's fairly laid back and quiet, she never actually wears down.

Echo looks so happy haha

Echo makes some strange faces

I was so happy to see her have such a blast!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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