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Scary time for me and my 3 year old 1.8lb Chihuahua Pablo! Anything you may have to say helps!

To begin with, my dog seized for over 8 hours has been on Pheno for 3 days for treatment of what we believe to be Epilepsy.
He is sleeps 90% of the day. He wakes a few times a day for short periods, he is not lucid, he does not stand, cannot regain all normal function but he is eating and drinking.

We have reduced the Pheno, hoping he returns to normal (or somewhat normal). He seems to be getting better. Sometimes when he's awake his head jerks, usually in one hard motion to the left. Not sure why he continues to do this. He also cries but I think that is to be expected.

Has anyone had a dog seize for such a long period?
Was there any permanent damage?
How long did you treat your dog with Pheno?
Was the dog asleep when on Pheno?
What was your dogs behavior like?

Any tips or advice?
I would like to hear other peoples experiences.
Any additional comments greatly appreciated!

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I know this is a very old post so this reply is more for anyone who will follow up and read it.

This dog should be at a 24 hour vet care facility. These are questions you should have been asking your vet. If your dog was having seizures for 8 hours, he wouldn't be alive.

Whenever seizures are involved with a dog that size ( tooooo small to function in life), a liver shunt should ALWAYS be on the list of possible problems to be rules out.

Important notes with seizures:
1) If your dog has a seizure lasting more than a minute, you need to go to the vet ASAP.
2) If your dog has more than 1 seizure in a 24 hour period, you new to go to the vet IMMEDIATELY.
3)Prolonged seizures will cause your dogs temperature to rise pretty quickly which can affect other organs, hence the importance of getting to the vet.
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