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Pet insurance, is it worth it?

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Ive seen a few post a out insurance, most people just say to get it. But im skeptical. Its seems to me that its quite useless unless something tragic happens.

My buddy has it for his bulldog and he swears by it. I think he gets 75% back based on his plan. However based on his monthly plan he has spent more paying for the insurance then all his office visits combined. So with his. Say he pays 30 a month for 10 months. That's 300 total. He then goes to the vet and his bill is 300. He gets 75% of that back. Ao 225. Back. However hes been paying monthly so hes payed 375 to cover a vet bill that was only 300. Now thats a simple representation but that is exactly what juat happened to him just woth different number. So is it really worth it? It seems that for a healthy dog that just recieves annual or semi annual its not worth it.
However like i said if something serious happens it does seem to be worth it.

But id like to hear from some people that actually have it and how its worked out for them.
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Insurance is never about the safe bet. It's about hedging your potential losses. I paid $600 annually for car insurance on various old cars. Then one day I got driven off the road and the tow truck totaled my car. The insurance company had to pay out $7.5k. My mom's paid insurance on her car for going on 30 years and *maybe* has replaced a windshield twice. We live in a state where insurance is not required.

I don't have insurance on my dog, reason being is that I think alot of the serious situations that would be expensive are not something that I want my dog to suffer and live through...not at age 9. It's from growing up with a beloved neighbors dog that had hip displasia. That dog really just suffered it's entire life despite numerous free surgeries via the local vet school and all sorts of medicines. All in all, it was a sweet, amazing dog but it suffered and I believe it suffered unnecessarily. I know many people here would disagree with me....but those are my feelings.

So, for peace of mind, I'd say go for it. But you have to really sit down and ask yourself what kind of treatments you are willing to provide for your dog if money is not a variable. Even if it was paid for, I wouldn't put my dog through extensive surgery or require it to heal from multiple fractures. Knowing my dog, it'd be torture for several months, and I would rather her go peacefully (at age 9 mind you) than put her through that.
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There is a pet insurance thread going in the "New Additions" section.

I am a huge advocate for it. Dog "health" is dynamic. You never know when your dog may have an unfortunate accident. My very healthy, well bred standard poodle and I had an unfortunate accident with a chuck it ball that we had to go to the emergency vet for. Did I wake up that morning thinking something bad would happen to her eye while we were playing a routine game of fetch like we do every day...? No. But it did. When the bad things happen, you will wish you had pet insurance. (luckily she has made a full recovery)

Search this forum for "gofundme". Lots of dogs that need surgeries or even TESTING that's extremely expensive that they are now having to crowd fund for. They never predicted their dog would get attacked by another dog, or get hit by a car.

If your dog develops a behavioral issue, the costs associated with diagnosing and treating it will be covered.

In short, pet insurance is to cover you for the UNEXPECTED. At 30 dollars a month, covering me 100% after I meet my 200 dollar deductible for a maximum of 22K a year, it's very worth it to me. My dog is only 14 months old, I am a very careful person, and it's already paid off.

It's sad, but a lot of dogs don't get the care or surgeries they need because of cost. There was a poodle in rescue I was looking at whose leg was broken for TWO YEARS. Owners couldn't fix it. Young dogs being put down for very treatable diseases because owners couldn't afford the treatments that would have been relatively inexpensive with insurance. And there are a lot of dogs in rescue because they are sick and injured and it's financially overwhelming.

You insure your should think about insuring your irreplaceable pet too. For me, it's a no brainer. It's like asking me if I want health insurance on my child.

Good luck
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Pet insurance may not be for everyone but to cover your dog in some way is never a "bad" idea. Mind you, I'm paying 30/month with PetPlan and that was one of the more expensive plans. I could have paid less for 80% coverage or 50% coverage. I'm also paying more because she is a pure bred standard poodle.

So I would really play around with different plans.
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