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I have a 27 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I was really nervous at first with getting the Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Stroller because of how large she is. (She's not necessarily overweight, but was the only dog in her litter, which makes her a little more broad). But when I got it, I was happily surprised with how lovely she fit in it! The quality of the stroller is also very nice, and looks like it will last a while. The bottom basket is perfect for her little things, like toys, her leash, harness, and treats. But, I would strongly recommend getting a soft cushion for where the dog lays because it is a bit stiff.
The folding is my only con. The stroller is quite difficult to fold. It does not take one easy step like it states on the box. You have to unsnap the bottom before you unfold, or else it'll break! I keep the bottom unsnapped, and it's no difference if your pup is heavy enough to keep it down. That way, it's easier to fold in the end! Overall, great stroller, great quality, needs a cushion, and they could've done a better job with the folding process, but it's not bad! Milly loves her new stroller!

Rate: 4/5 stars!


VIEW STROLLER HERE: My new Stroller! - Milly the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by Sarah Zarfati | Pack
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