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Persistant red bumps

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Hello, I have had my foster pit bull for nearly a year now, and she's always had skin issues/delicate skin. I've tried various things but never have pinpointed a culprit or a miracle cure so far... the thing that's been perplexing me lately is she has this little line of red/pink bumps on her back that have been there unchanged for several months. Other bumps I've gotten rid of with ointments or they've just gone away but this one patch seems like a permanent fixture. Any input on what they are/how to get rid of them would be appreciated. They are very itchy to her.

Thanks in advance.
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If you say the others have gone away with creams and what it possible the ones that won't go away aren't so much "bumps" but scars? It's common for dogs of unknown origin to have some scars, even moreso if they're a bully breed. However the itchiness is a bit suspicious.

Have you tried changing her food? If you rescue you probably know Pits are prone to skin problems and some skin allergies, but sometimes a good, high quality food can help, especially grain free. I would consult a vet too if this gets worse. It could be this is a hot spot forming.
Hi, thanks for the reply. I don't think they are scars. I honestly can't remember if they've been there the whole time I've had her but they are quite itchy and they just look odd for scars... I really have no idea what they are!

This is actually my first real dog foster, and first long term time with a pit bull. I have read they have sensitive skin and that's a common thing for their breed.

I have switched her diet around quite a bit, tried an "elimination diet" (though it wasn't perfect) and she is now on a grain free kibble though she gets a little rice in her canned food. I've had her totally grain free before and it didn't appear to make a diff... but maybe it wasn't long enough.

I wonder if having those bumps removed would make any difference for her or if they just would grow back. I have taken her to the shelter clinic vet who just said "allergies" but I may end up taking her to the regular vet when I can.
You say you have done an elimination diet but have you gone to single protein food specifically. Grain free is great but it could be the meat. Most foods have multi meat sources in the food. Foods like Zignature or Go sensitive and shine only have one meat per food.
I actually have tried Zigniture, I remember I took her off chicken, turkey, salmon, potato and some other things, I was trying to eliminate anything that could be suspect. Right now she is eating Nutrisca dry kibble and Verus and Health Extension canned food, plus some natural treats. There are grains in some of her treats actually. I don't know if her itching/allergies are food related at all, it seems like the food doesn't make a difference, but I could still be wrong.

As I said other bumps have come and gone but this patch just seems so unchanged after all these months, and the area is so itchy for her. I will of course take her to a vet if I have to but I was hoping anyone could give me a clue to save a little (or lot of) money if possible. In any case thanks for your input!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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