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Hello to everyone on this site!

Yesterday something which I'd describe as a heavy solid wood chair felt over my dog paw (he climbed on it's backrests and it felt down). It started bleeding but it stopped after some time. He can walk on that leg and even run, but when he stands still he lifts his leg in the air so it hurts him . From what i managed to see I think it felt over his nail. I know that maybe I should go to the vet with him, but the problem is he is afraid of that place and won't let the vet even get close to his paw without being anesthetized and he just got a surgery last week. Too many anesthesias on a dog aren't by far good especially in such a short time.

From my point of view I think it would be better if I don't take him to the vet. What do you think?

Thank you!
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