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Pain Howl But Nothing Wrong

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About four times now, my dog Cowboy has let out a long, extremely pain-filled howl out of nowhere. He's sitting in his crate, doing absolutely nothing, not changing position even, and all of a sudden...

The vet suggested it might be back pain, which can be very sudden and sharp. Full body x-ray done... nothing appears wrong with his back or anything else.

Today I went to him, picked him up, and he let out a little whimper when I lifted him out of the crate from behind his front legs, but I can touch him there and everywhere else, press into the soft tissue, and he doesn't seem to be in any sort of pain.

3 of these incidents happened before he had some very infected teeth removed, so I initially thought the infection was the reason for the pain. But the teeth are gone now, and everything in his mouth looks absolutely fine.

This is the same sound he makes when he's in full-on separation anxiety - but this time I am standing right next to him. Could it be something weird like PTSD?

I'm waiting for the vet to look at the x-rays again and call me but I doubt he's going to see anything there if he didn't see it already. Hmmm.
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Maybe some blood work, white cell count would tell if there was an infection present.
I noticed the last two times this hapoened an emergency vehicle with siren had just gone by. We are on a very busy street so I barely notice them at this point. Could have been there the other times, too. He is not imitating the siren, though he did do that once before - and the cry starts toward the end of the siren's audibility then continues for a bit after. Could the sound be hurting his ears?? Has anyone experienced anything like that?
This is getting worse; it happened twice in one day yesterday, and again today. Recent blood tests show nothing, x-ray shows nothing. The last two episodes there didn't seem to be any ear involvement, but he want me to rub his head each time, like maybe there's a headache. We're going back to the vet tomorrow. I know you all ar not vets, but somebody must have experienced this, no?
I am being referred to a neurologist.
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