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Is Dale getting any professional help for his moods / anger? Could you both work on when he gets angry he goes to a different part of the house and closes the door, and sounds off in there, away from Henry?

One of our rescue dogs also came to us with fear based issues around men. Like Henry he will sometimes wag and approach men but actually doesn't want attention from them. What we have found best is asking all men to totally ignore our dog other than to throw treats to him. Really tasty treats!

I know you said Henry has issues with treats, but try out a few high value treats (cooked liver / chicken / hotdog sausages) and see how he does with those :) So every time Dale walks past Henry, a piece of treat is dropped by Henry or thrown to him. But Dale ignores the dog otherwise, he doesn't look at Henry, try to stroke him etc. This will help Henry feel MUCH safer! :) Eventually, if Henry seems to be feeling more confident around Dale, Dale can begin feeding Henry treats by hand (this could take weeks).

For discipline, you really don't want to be using spanking, shouting, corrections, nothing like that. Instead why don't you try teaching a positive interrupter (see video below!). That way, when Henry is up to something you don't like, you can use the positive interrupter to get his attention, give him a treat, and can then redirect him to doing something you do want him to do

For the bathroom rubbish, I agree with others, either get a new bin with a lid or keep the door shut - so much simpler! ;)

I definitely recommend watching Kikopup's videos on YouTube, she has some great ones on how to counter condition a dog to what they're scared of, which you could use with Henry and Dale / children. I also recommend looking up the 'Look At That' game as that could be useful too.

Sorry I didn't even read all your post....just need to say; no-one needs a bloke with the impulse control of a five year old. There is no excuse for this behaviour in an adult. Get rid and some of your dog's problems will be solved.
This seems harsh, especially when we don't know what is going on for Dale. I have Bipolar Disorder and I can act pretty erratic at times when my mood is unstable (including having the impulse control of a five year old :p ) We are getting help and I am on meds for my condition, yet we own two very happy dogs and manage just fine.
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