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Hey all! It was Ozzy's first time off lead with another dog yesterday. I brought him (also for the 1st time) to my parent's house in cottage country. A neighbour/friend brought over a dog he watches while his cottager owner goes to work.

It was a sweet little shitzu girl about 4 or 5 years old named Molly. Ozzy and Molly made friends pretty much right away!

I let him off his lead and even took off his harness because it was pretty warm and poor Ozzy gets hot with his black fur.

The little pups were racing around tearing it up, dust flying all around (it's very dry here this year and my parent's house is built on a lake and surrounded by sand). The man that was watching Molly was laughing his head off at the two ripping it up. We were all laughing, but he was really getting a kick out of it 馃槉.

It was so cute, they were exploring side by side, chasing each other (so fast!) and play bowing.

Here are some pics


Yes, that's a big leaf stuck to his schnauze haha

He seemed to really enjoy his little playmate, it was exciting to see and made me very happy because we planned on getting a second dog one day.
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