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Overheard this morning at doggy daycare

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I dropped Cobber off at daycare this morning, and as I was walking back to my car, I heard the daycare owner say to a friend who was standing right next to her at the gate: "Cobber did really well yesterday, playing like a normal dog."


Do I actually want to know how he plays like an abnormal dog the rest of the time? No... not really.

I keep hoping that eventually the dogs and I can do without daycare, but even tho he's abnormal somehow, Cobber still LOVES going there vs. being home with me and the puppy - LOL! Someday maybe...
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A lot of dogs play really awkwardly, it's not unusual at all if that makes you feel better. Either too roughly, or trying to third wheel on another dog's game, or just missing some signals from the other dog, or failing to give those signals out, or getting too excited, etc. Haha there's a lab at work that just bounces up and down and barks in other dogs' faces and he thinks he's playing- really cute, but really awkward. A lot of daycares don't allow sprinting either and prefer wrestling because a sprinting dog will draw attention to itself and get chased down. I have two little dogs and they love to sprint when they play so maybe they were working on something like that with Cobber?

I don't know the tone they said it in but I don't think it was something that was meant to be offensive or is really something unusual for a dog. We're constantly working on teaching dogs how to play gently and politely and it's always a big deal when the dog starts to get it and play well with others. Playing well in a daycare environment is different from playing well outside of daycare- the energy has to be very controlled in a group with many dogs in it- so probably not a big deal.

I would be curious by what they meant though and probably ask at pick up if it's something you're concerned about?
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Everyone's idea of "normal" dog behavior varies greatly. Maybe your dog is just more of a wallflower, not an "abnormal" player. If you're really concerned about this or just curious I would ask the daycare workers about Cobber's behavior.
Well, it can't be too bad or they would have talked to you about it already. Some dogs are just oddballs, there's nothing wrong with it.
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