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I personally think that doodles can be very endearing and good family dogs, but like every mixed breed from breeders that don't do genetic testing it is a bit of a gamble.
a kinder surprise egg that is more expensive than getting a pup from a registered, reputable breeder of one of the originating breeds.

the most doodles I know are standard poodle Retriever (lab or golden) mixes.
Some doodles I met seemed a bit less easy to train than a Standard Poodle, perhaps that's Retriever in them.
Sadly in their temperament the ones I met were less aloof, extremly easy to lose focus on their task and more goofy than the standard poodles I met.
I personaly found them a bit annoying, because I'm not so good with very lively dogs.
Some of the families were disappointed because the promises made by the breeders were lies. these dogs shed and they don't train themself.
they're not bad dogs for a family, but not all of them are beginner dogs that fit in every family.
the only exception is the Rotti-doodle in my neighbourhood. he's awesome. I'd take him without a second thought.
he looks weird, sheds like crazy and the fur is difficult to care for, but the personality is awesome. handler focused, intelligent, willing to work, but not as fidgety as the poodle...he's dog selective though, so probably also not the greatest beginner dog.
...I once met a Pittbull-poodle mix in town, she was cute too...looked like a sheep, but i don't know much about the character.
seemed to be also veeery fidgety and difficult to keep her focused too...but she was still adolescent, perhaps that got better with age. :)
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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