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I can see the point of the "purists" who say a breed is already in existence, so why create more? There are plenty of breeds who can cause little or no reactions for allergy sufferers, these can include Afghans, Mexican Hairless, Bichon Frise, Havanese, Coton de tulear, Schnauzers, Poodles, etc. But I can also see why people may want a doodle. I mean who can't love a good scruffy dog?

I had a poodle/cocker/schnauzer cross and she was an amazing dog. The only issues with her were genetics. She had all the issues of a cocker, mixed with the issues of the poodle, and the issues of a schnauzer. She really was a genetic mess, but a good dog.

And that's just it, for the most part most doodles are being bred for the money and, at least every one I've seen, are genetic messes. Either they have a defect that could have been prevented or they are a over hyper active mess which could be prevented by proper screening of the parents. I also hate how most breeders think they can charge astronomical prices for what works out to be a mutt, and people buy into it because of the cute name and cute faces.

Although I'm sure there are well meaning people out there that try their best to breed healthy dogs, however, they most of the time can't prove the lines are clear. I know for a fact that a registered breeder of a certain breed, say a labrador, will not sell a dog to another person who is planning to breed it to another breed of dog, say a poodle, as the pups from a registered AKC or CKC breeder are normally sold under spay and neuter contractions - meaning they need to be fixed in order to uphold the contract with the breeder.

So if the people breeding the doodles, like f1's, are saying their dogs papered pure breds who have tests to back them up, where are they getting them from? Are they purchasing purebreds from registered breeders and going against their contracts and using them to breed? Or are they picking their dogs up from Joe Blow's farm down the road? If the latter then they can't really deem the dogs lines to be clear, because they don't know the full genetic history.

I don't mean for this post to be a bash, and I'm sure your dogs are great dogs, and I have nothing against mutts as they are my favourite non-breed of dog lol. I just feel it's unethical to charge a large sum of money for a mutt thats parents can't be traced and are often bred without the health of the pet in mind and knowing the temperaments of the entire line. Which is a change for me, because after my last dog died I was set on a cavapoo. Man, how my opinion has changed lol.
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