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Our dog refuses to wat food what she has eaten for a few years.

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I hope this is in the right section, if not can a mod move it to the right section? Thank you in advance.

Our Missy, JRx, app. 5 - 6 years (she started out as a fosterdog so I have to guess), has eaten Blue Buffalo small kibbles for adult dogs for as long as we have had her (app. 3 years).

Three weeks ago, after a visit to the groomer, she came down with kennel cough (yes, she get all her shots incl. the one for kennel cough each year or as often as the vet says).

Our own vet is in VT, we stay in FL in the winter, and this was her first visit to a vet here in FL. He gave her something against coughing for as long as needed, and an antibiotic for 2 weeks. About 2 - 3 days into the treatment she started to throw up just a little bit, and once each day with perhaps one or 2 days in between without throwing up. She also began eating less and less, and that started on the day I opened a new bag dog food. We have a boy chihuahua foster dog and he is eating the food from the new bag without a problem.

But our Missy just doesn't fancy her food anymore. I had some sample bags of 'Holistic Vet formulated dog food' in 3 flavors, the first flavor I gave she ate, but stopped at the second bowl with that flavor, of the other 2 flavors she ate a teeny tiny bit. I tried the regular food again, but just a few kibbles, more to please me than because she was hungry.

Her stool is totally normal, just a lot smaller than it used to be. She does not show any signs of not feeling well, loves walks, to play, when I open the fridge her nose is right there, in the fridge.

I always use organic baby carrots as treats, and she devours those. In the evening when we watch tv the dogs get to chew on the dried bully sticks of grass fed american cattle from 'Natural Pet Food', on line (believe it is called 'Only Natural'). I take them away after she has chewed off about 1 - 1 1/2 inches.

It looks as if she has lost a few ounces, but she is (or was) only 10.4 oz when she was at the vet and even a few ounces is a lot for such a small dog. My husband is running some errands and will be bringing some organic saltless chicken broth, I'll try to put a little of that over her food but quite frankly, I just don't see her get enthusiastic over it.

A year or so ago I tried her on the raw food regimen, began with chicken wings, turkey necks. In the beginning she was very happy but after a while it looked as if she just didn't want to bother with the chewing.

So sorry about this long post but I am trying to give as much facts as I can come up with, and then of course my question: any suggestions about what decent food to try? I do not buy any 'regular' dog food like from Walmart or other brands you see so often on tv, and I thought that Blue Buffalo was very good.

Anyhoo, if you have a suggestion I would be very happy if you could share it with me.


P.S.: I don't mind cooking for her, but I'm not sure if that's the way to go.
P.P.S.: she just ate about 20 - 25 kibbles of the organic grain free soy free food from 'Only Natural'.
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Many dogs are affected by the antibiotics and get stomach aches from them. It is not uncommon that they stop eating. You might want to give some kefer or yogurt to her a couple of times a day to help heal her stomach. It would not hurt to cook some chicken or ground turkey and veggies for a couple of days.

Thank you very much, I will follow your suggestion tomorrow. Would some organically grown cooked rice with the chicken or turkey be a good idea?
Rice is good for dogs with upset tummies too. I've fed it to my older dog countless times through her life and it really helps. I've always fed white minute rice.
Oh my! She is a tiny thing! Have you checked her teeth? Sometimes if their mouth hurts due to dental problems, that will keep them from eating..........and yes chicken/rice would be fine especially if she is still throwing up..........her tummy might be upset from the antibiotics and it would be good to give her a spoonful of plain yogurt everyday to reset her stomach flora.
Have you tried putting canned dog food as a topper on her kibble? Canned cat food is also sometimes stinky enough to get an appetite started!
double post...........................
I would do some grated steamed veggies instead. Squash,carrots,cabbage are good choices. Dogs don't digest rice very well it just tends to be a filler in dog food.
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