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hello all

my family was blessed to be able to rehome these two dogs from a lady who it seems had strickly gotten them to make money off of them when they had puppies and she had grown tired of them

this is spike

when we were on the ride home he totally freaked out an dropped to the bottom as far into the firewall as he could go and just sort of growled when I tried to talk to him. Can't totally blame him since his old owner just gave him up at a moments notice( she even said that she was gonna just put him down cause she thought he was ugly and thought he was getting a mean streak)

Well so here we were in the truck with a freaked out dog then I got an idea, I went an got his kennel blanket and put it on the seat and laid my head on it and talked to him. His eyes went pop and he instantly warmed up, within 5 minute we were outside an on our way into the house. Took him all of 5 minutes to realize that we were his forever home.

2 weeks later we got a phone call from the old owner saying she was gonna spay nala spikes wife and she thought we might like her instead on the condition that if they had babies she would get a pup

nala's trip home went a bit better she stayed with my daughter all the way home

here is her first few moments in the house spike was so excited to see her

they stayed side by side constantly

well six months later this was nala

now our family is 4 puppies larger 3 crested hairless and a powder puff, saddly there was one powder puff who was stilll born

have not really taken many pics as i wanted them to have at least 3 weeks without any interference from us but they are growing well
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