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Looking for safe, healthy and super tasty treats for your pups? The Honest Kitchen just did a complete refresh of their treat line, and unveiled a brand new, grain free treat!

Training Treats:

• Now grain free!
• Breakable heart-shaped cookies
• Just 8 calories per cookie
• Includes Nuzzles, Pecks, Smooches and our NEW fish and pumpkin cookies, Cuddles!

Functional Treats:

• Functional treats for health purposes like dental, digestion, skin & coat
• Good source of Omega-3s
• Includes our best-selling Beams Talls, Beams Smalls and Nice Mussels

Anytime Treats:

• Treats for any occasion: treat rituals—crate time, bed time, etc.
• Includes Wishes and Joyful Jerky Filets and Bites

Are you planning to give any of these a try? If your pup’s already a fan, which treat is his favorite?
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