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Hello-I'm new to the forum, and an urgent problem has brought me here in hopes of getting help. I have an 11 yo male Italian Greyhound and a 8 yo female Italian Greyhound. The female is prone to some anxiety (scared of thunder, new people and surroundings). We decided to get a puppy because our male is getting older and we thought bringing a puppy into the house now might be a good idea (sigh). Sunday we bought a female puppy (morkie) and I was so stupid not to do my homework on introducing a new dog into the household. We brought the puppy into the house and the female Italian Greyhound immediately became upset at the new puppy. Sunday night you could tell she was depressed. By Monday she wasn't eating and was starting to vomit and had diarrhea. Tuesday she still wasn't eating and she was acting very listless/depressed. I took her to the vet Tuesday and the vet suggested taking her to the vet hospital so she could get an IV of fluids and round the clock care. She wouldn't eat Wednesday, and today (Thursday) they put a feeding tube in her neck to get her nutrients. They've done tests, blood work etc. and all they can really say is that her GI is irritated.

I feel that what is happening is that she is depressed/upset and that's why she isn't eating and it's causing her to deteriorate. As soon as we can get her to perk up we'll bring her home.

I had no idea my female IG would react this way...not in a million years would I guess it would cause such depression. What can I do if it's not possible to move the puppy out of the house? We have a big finished basement and we're discussing ways to keep the dogs separate and not come into contact with one another till we can find a solution that works for the female IG.

Should I be thinking of medication to put the female IG on till she's better, like an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety? What is the best way to bring the female home from the hospital? Eliminate all scents and traces of the puppy? My mom is going to live in the basement of the house with the puppy, and I'm staying on the main floor with the 2 IG's. Is this a good enough solution for the time being?

I'm just so afraid that my female IG is not going to come out of this mood that she's in. It's like the light went out of her eyes when that puppy showed. I feel so guilty about all of this, and stupid.

Please help...any advice is appreciated.

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this does NOT sound "emotional"

Sounds like a medical issue - :eek:
has anyone been painting, gluing, refinishing, waxing, etc?

GORILLA GLUE is exceptionally dangerous to all pets AND to children; no one under 18-YO should use it, as they can do something casually that causes very serious illness / injury.

What about cleaning products? - PINE SOL & all its many relatives [aromatic phenols] are exceptionally toxic - Lysol, etc; they should never be used around pets / small animals / children. The fumes are as dangerous as skin contact - it can go thru skin to the bloodstream.

What about poisons? - herbicide, fertilizers, pesticides, rat or mouse bait, SNAIL bait, antifreeze, ________ ? // Round-up? LAWN CARE company came & treated the lawn?

Irritated G-I sounds as if she ingested something...
- terry

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