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Our 5-year-old Great Pyr tries to 'adopt' baby rabbits!

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She happily hunts and eats adult rabbits, but it's quite common to see her washing and cuddling tiny baby rabbits which die, traumatised, I'm sure! She'll keep them on the front porch—her space with a bed and a swing bench she enjoys—for up to three or four days, before they disappear. I don't know if she eats them then or buries them but they disappear.

I just wondered if anyone else had a Great Pyr doing this and if it's quite common? She also 'rescues' anyone's chickens that make it into our yard, and used to round up ours that free-ranged if there were any coyotes around. Now we keep the hens penned. I suspect she sees the baby rabbits as something akin to puppies but I don't know for sure. She absolutely goes gaga over the poor things :(
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