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Hi! I am new to this site and I really need your help!!

We have 6 dogs, one mother and father dog with 4 offsprings between them (3 girls and 1 boy). The problem is that one of the girls hates her sister. I'll refer to them as dog 1 and dog 2 to keep things clear. We suspect dog 1 is jealous of dog 2 because dog 1 sometimes starts biting dog 2 whenever dog 1 sees us carrying dog 2. They'd start fighting although dog 2 is always on the losing end because she doesn't fight back much. The fight gets out of hand at times because the mother dog joins in and proceeds to bite dog 2 as well.

Can anyone give us tips on what to do? We thought of giving dog 2 away to relatives but we would like that as a last resort. I don't give any of them away ? Help please!

Much love from the Philippines xx
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