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Good - tell 'em to put their money where their mouths are. :thumbsup:

Personally, i see this as another Repugnant myth of 'trickle-down' economic benefits, which historically are a fantasy; i recall vividly just how well that worked, under Ronnie Ray-gun -
at one point, men from 18 to 30-YO had a 40% unemployment rate across the U-S, & in some regions, such as the Rust Belt & former coal-country or lumber-regions, it hit 60% & up.
Healthy men in their prime earning years, unable to get ANY jobs whatever for months, & even years on end.

Ronnie's presidency also saw the 1st wave of entire families hitting homeless shelters & soup-kitchens; until that time, "homeless & hungry popns" in the U-S were overwhelmingly male & single - with another good-sized fraction being female & single mothers with pre-school kids.
'Homeless & hungry' didn't previously include large numbers of married couples with school-age children - but after the 1981 Great Recession, it did, & continues to have a substantial number of once-upon-a-time stable, housed, & adequately-fed married couples, with their minor children.

Currently, U-S corporations have enjoyed an unparalleled long streak of historically-high profits -
but those have NOT translated into "more jobs", nor into re-investment in company infrastructure [better machinery, better software, modernization, etc], nor into "higher wages" - just as in Ray-gun's massive Corp'n tax-cuts & 'incentives', the giveaway just produced fatter dividends for their stock-holders, & bigger salaries, more-inflated bonuses, & other attractive benefits for BoD members, executives, & Admin staff.

For workers, this period of unprecedented Corporate profits has meant shrinking wages or at the very best, stagnant purchasing-power with small raises, in addition to longer hours at work, more job-insecurity, faster turnover, & inevitable "restarts" -
one job ends b/c the contract is completed, or the season is over, or _____ , & U go back to minimum-wage at a new & different job with a different employer, or in a similar job but with a different employer.
Either way, U're a new hire, with no earned paid sick-days, no vacay, no health benefits / med-insurance via the employer, no PTO, no nothin'.

Productivity in the U-S has been high for a long time, now -
companies are using 3 persons to fill 5 positions, & they're fine with that. :ponder: They LIKE it.

U start at the bottom of the ladder, over & over & over &... :headshake:
With obvious advantages for The Company - & equally-obvious disadvantages for workers as a group, & individually.
Workers are disempowered, devalued, & disposable - their skills are incessantly re-tooled for a succession of employers.
Employers can forever hire so-called "unlimited part-time" with zero bennies, & replace anyone who starts a higher rate with another newbie, who will be replaced in turn.

Employee churn has become a business tactic - & an economic weapon against the working poor, or anyone with aspirations to become full-time, or have any job security or benefits whatever.

- terry

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