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hi everyone,
i've been posting on here for a bit and just now found this part of the forum. obviously my skills in observations are lacking. anyway, i came to this site because i was looking for a place to discuss one of my favorite topics...dogs. i really just love animals, but dogs have always been a big part of my life, even when i didn't have one of my own. i just rescued a dog, not too long ago, his name is clover. he's my first in quite some time and my first rescue, i'm learning to re-learn all the stuff i thought i knew already:rolleyes: i absolutely adore him and couldn't have found a better dog. he is some sort of mix, no one can really tell what he is, except for really cute!
like i said, i love animals. i seem to have an ability to get along with most of them. as a teenager i volunteered, and later worked at a small zoo, so i have been around a lot of different animals in a lot of different situations. i really like training and studying behavior (i am a psych major for that reason) i grew up using a lot of correction training with our dogs, but at the zoo, we used positive training to great effect. i am trying to learn better/different methods and how to apply them to dogs. one day i would like to work in some sort of rescue operation to help rescue dogs to find and keep permenant homes, even if all i do is foster them one at a far this site has been really helpful. thanks to all who have responded to my posts, you rock:rockon:
i hope that i can offer some good advice in return.....

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