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I have had our new pup (Moose) for 2 1/2 weeks, he's 9 weeks old now 馃榿I also have an 8 year old dog (Alba) that I have owned since she was 4 mo 馃挏 My only real concern for getting a new dog was their introduction. Despite constant socialization since a puppy, Alba is not very dog friendly and flips a switch before you know anything is wrong. The only times she's okay with other dogs is with family member's dogs. I still take her to the dog park often and she ignores other dogs.

So, here we go..

I have started things off really slow with no forced introductions. Puppy has a pen with all his needs and Alba has her own spaces too. The times they are together are potty time, during playtime in the kitchen and the backyard. I don't bring out toys or food during these times.

Week 1: The first couple of days Alba was curious, but didn't care for his company and if he got near her food bowls she was defensive. By the end of the week she was starting to show interest but nervous.
Week 2: Alba is full on playing with him. Admittedly too rough and I had to break it up, but it was good progress. She also stopped caring if he sneaks food from her bowl and they started drinking water together.
Going into week 3: Alba is more gentle playing with him and doesn't mind his company. She is good with corrective behavior and more relaxed. She is possessive of her sticks outside, but only growls or yips at him and Moose is learning from that.

So, why am I posting??
  1. Well, yesterday somehow he got stuck in the puppy-proofed fence and I had to pull him out which caused him to squeal. Alba proceeded to chase him like prey and got really rough with him. No injuries, but the look of it was terrifying.
  2. This morning, we were playing in the kitchen having a great time. Moose was being sweet licking her face in a submissive way when out of no where she lunges on him doing the same thing. He yelps and runs off through the house squealing. He runs back to me still squealing and Alba tries to attack him while I am holding him (on the floor). My bf had to come in the room and remove her. It was very stressful.
Moose has squealed before from Alba being too rough with play, but she didn't proceed to chase or attack. The only difference I see is that I was involved (pulling him out of the fence or holding him).

I don't understand why she did what she did this morning or yesterday. After two days in a row I'm wondering if I should keep them separate and let them interact when he is a few months older.

Should I be worried?
Is this normal?
Will the puppy be okay behaviorally?
Do I need to correct Alba's behavior if this happens again?

Thanks for reading my long post! 馃檪

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Hello- This is normal in the first few weeks. Alba is probably jealous that there is another dog in the house, and is trying to assert her dominance. As she is the older dog and has been in the house longer, she will naturally take the position of alpha. Personally, I like to use positive reinforcement, so my way of solving the problem would be to have each dog have their own space, where they know they can be alone, like you did, and when the two dogs happen to be together, give them both lots of high-value treats, like bits of sausage, cheese, or anything that they like. Only give them the treats when they are neutral with each other, and when they start being aggressive, remove them from each other and take them into different rooms.

Remember to give Alba lots of attention so she doesn鈥檛 feel left out, and maybe have a special time, maybe ten minutes at a specific time of day, where you cuddle JUST Moose, or JUST Alba, so they don鈥檛 feel too jealous of each other. Over a period of a few weeks, allow more and more time where they can be near each other, but keep Moose鈥檚 safe space just for him, and Alba鈥檚 safe space just for her.

Good Luck!

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Can I just ask given that you knew your other dog was not dog-friendly what was your logic in introducing a pub at this late stage?
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