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Hi everyone. I need some help about socializing and behavior between an older dog (Belgium Shepherd, 13) and a pup (German Shepherd, 8 weeks).

Basically my older dog isn't very well socialized (she isn't aggressive, just used to bark lots), I've been working on it with her, and she is behaving fine with other older dogs for now, but then out of the blue my dad decided to bring a new puppy home to keep her company (yes, just like that).
Even though she's older, she's still very active and very playful and very hard to tire, even after a nice long walk (maybe it's just not long enough for her, though). She's also a bit of a 'brute' when getting overly excited during play time. As in, she doesn't mean to hurt you, but shell slam you down if you're not both careful.

Now, I know older dogs are supposed to nip and growl at puppies and all that, however, I worry if her behavior with the new pup is normal and if she won't hurt the puppy.

What she does is, she gets all playful and tries to 'bite' her in the neck area (the top). Not sure if she's going for the scruff specifically or what because errr: giant old dog and tiny, tiny puppy, so her mouth fits all of her head in. lol She does this outside, where it's "her territory", but when we have them both indoors (where she knows she can't play so freely and must behave), she just sniffs the pup and mostly ignores her when not sniffing her. If the pup approaches her here, she will back away or jump over her not to step on her and move away.

She doesn't seem to dislike the pup, but she doesn't seem to like her either. And I really, really worry that if we let them outside she might accidentally hurt the puppy. She has a tendency to hunt birds down and she literally flung a kitten that somehow got in our yard right up against a wall when trying to play. (The kitten was fine btw, I took him to vet and they checked him and took care of him, but my poor heart almost suffered an attack :eyeroll: ).

I'm told I should take them for walks together, but according to my vet I can't take the puppy for walks until she has all her vaccines, which she still doesn't.
So now we have the dogs in separate areas and try to have them hang together supervised, indoors, for a couple hours each day in the hopes they get used to each other...

So I have various questions: is this behavior normal? How do I manage to have them like each other (better)? What can I do to improve their situation? What should I watch out for, and what should I expect to see between them? I really want my dogs to be happy and stay/play together. :huddle:

Thank you in advance for any guidance you all can provide, I really am at a loss.
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