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I am not sure there is an answer but anything helpful would be appreciated.

I often join my sister on walks with my OES and her Shepherd mix . Her Shepherd mix is a little antisocial due to her upbringing (she does not know how to interact with people or dogs... she is intense) she has improved so much since my sister had had her. Due to this the Shepherd is not allowed to interact with strangers or other dogs unless in a controlled environment. The Shepherd knows the command "ignore'. My OES is still a puppy and is learn manners (she still is in the mouthing stage) I am very observant and do not let her interact with unknown dogs (even if my OES is friendly - I don't know the strangers dog) and typically if someone wants to pet her I ask OES to turn around and sit so the passersby can pet her back.

Our walks are mostly on a wide foot path in the woods. People do have their dogs off leash (it's not a very popular path but has one or two groups coming and go) and as soon as they see someone else they will put their dog on a leash. Everyone does this except one woman- she has one big dog and two extremely reactive small dogs on a retractable leash( at max length). These two little dogs will bark the entire path none stop. If the little dogs sees anyone on the path (even across the creek) they will charge and try to runnn after whoever they see. This lady's non-leashed large dog seems friendly enough but is often(99% of the time) ten feet ahead of her and she's not in control of any of them. And she allows her dog to come right up to us. I have told her to put her dog on a leash (all dogs must be leashed unless they complete a test with their dog and show their dog is under control off leash) and the lady just says sorry and keeps on her way, after she gets her dog to come to her by walking head of her dog and eventually the large dog will follow. She doesn't get her large dog because of the two small ones. She tried to tie her two small dogs up to a tree to go get her large dog and couldn't so she decided to keep walking (her large dog was trying to cross the creek to me and teo small ones were trying to leave the path and follow the large dog)

For the most part people very respectful on this path as this is the path most go with their dogs and children as its is a relatively peaceful large foot path.

No mater where we walk our dog we practice good doggy etiquette (let walkers and bikers pass us... not letting our dogs go up to others) when a dog is reacting(barking) to ours we step off the path to allow them to go ahead with their dog.

I have a small reactive dog who I haven't brought with me due to the weather (too cold) but when I do I pick her up .... I do not allow her to charge anyone. I can sympathize with her and her small dogs... just not the manner in which she is walking them jeopardizing my dogs safety and my own.

I'm just not sure what to do or if there is anything to do about this lady who insists on walking her dogs in such a reckless manner. Is the only option to find another path because of one lady?

Side note ... kids also walk this path with their parents

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It can be annoying, I've also worked hard to get my dog to be dog neutral, and he doesn't particularly like other dogs forcing their attention on him with things like persistent butt sniffing. A quick greet and move on is fine.

When you say dogs must be on leash, who is it that imposed that rule? Surely they would also be responsible for enforcing it?

Or, take the easy route, just walk at a different time of day. If its a circuit, work out if she prefers clockwise or anticlockwise. Go that direction too, so you don't cross paths.
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