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Not sure what I am

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I am Baxter. My grey haired old human also calls me magnet because of the way I stick to him and his adult son. I have recently been adopted by my humans, Robin (old guy) and Eric (son) who were told I am a border collie/pug mix. My human has been investigating me and thinks I might be a border collie/pit bull mix because I am full bodied and kind of a jerk at times. My adoption was from a family that had rescued me, so not a lot of information has been forthcoming. Can anyone add suggestions as to what mix I may actually be?
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Welcome to the forum.

If I had to venture a guess, I'd think your person has a better idea of your breed than the shelter (which has a strong incentive not to call a dog a pit bull mix unless it's unavoidable, because they are more difficult to place). A bit more activity with your people may also help to show if the "full bodied" is innate, or just from a sedentary lifestyle.
This is Baxter's human. Thanks for the response. I agree that avoiding reference to Baxter being part Pit Bull is likely. Baxter just doesn't have any traits of a Pug, so when I saw pictures of Pit Bull/Border Collie mixed dogs that look so much like Baxter, it just made more sense. Baxter is pretty darned solid, so I don't think his bulky frame is from being sedentary. Baxter says thank you as well. It's important to him to know better where he may have come from. Here's a photo of Baxter chilling; View attachment 256730
Whatever his breed is, he's a very handsome pup. Reminds me a bit of a friend's dog (also a suspected pitbull mix), who is a very sweet and protective, if somewhat stubborn, companion.
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