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Strangers or known others (like trainers, dog walkers, etc.) will often get more of a reaction from many dogs than an owner will simply because they're new and shiny toys, whereas you they see every day. That doesn't mean their bond with you isn't stronger. Sometimes the impact is more obvious when you've been away from them for a while and it clearly worried them.

Even at that, with some dogs it really does just seem to take longer to build a strong bond. The first time I went on a week long business trip, when I came to pick him up after getting home my dog just lifted his head and looked at me and did nothing else. I was totally deflated.

Fast forward to a year or so later, I go on vacation and when I get back he's clearly excited and I'm furthermore told he waited at the door whining between 3 & 4 PM every day (when I typically get home from work). Maybe a little morbid to feel flattered by my dog's emotional distress, but of course it's nice to be missed.
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