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You've already gotten great advice, I just figured I'd chime in with some support.

I know exactly how you feel. Puppies are draining, absolutely draining.

You have dog experience, but is this your first dog on your own? I can't remember. How much training did you do with previous dogs?

I was raised with dogs myself and trained them some, just the basics, so now that I have a dog that I am trying to teach more (both because I want to and because he needs the skills just to get to "normal dog" level) I find myself even more tired and frustrated. He wasn't really the dog I was expecting, and I constantly think I'm doing things wrong or that we aren't making the right kind of progress. An outside trainer to help was probably the best decision I've made - she was filled with praise for the things he could do right, which in turn made me feel better.

I think once your girl grows and your bond strengthens, you'll see everything will be fine. I don't think anything alarming is going on with her behavior, which is really a blessing, trust me! :)
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