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Not sure if my dog may be sick?

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Hey guys...

Over the past few days I've become concerned that one of my dogs (4.5 year old male mini schnauzer) might be sick.

I am taking him into the vet today to be checked out, but I thought I would see if anyone here has any ideas as to what could be wrong.

- coughing/snorting, it sounds like is trying to cough something up. He doesn't cough constantly, it's like one bout of coughing that's lasts a minute or two, once a day.

- vomitting. He vomitted four days ago (his food came up). The he vomitted two days ago (three times in a row, it was his breakfast and what appeared to be a lot of mucus).

- loose stool. Once his stool appeared to be heavily coated in mucus.

Other than that, he still has an appetite and energy to play and go for walks.

I have switched him to chicken and rice and am feeding him small portions throughout the day, which seems to have stopped the vomiting, but last night he woke up with the coughing/snorting thing and was dry heaving.

He just received his annual check up in February. The vet said he seemed to be in perfect health, weight is good, his blood work was all normal, heartworm test was negative, and he received all his vaccinations (I split them up into multiple visits).

Like I said, I'm taking him to the vet today just to be cautious, but if anyone has any ideas I would be interested in hearing them. Thanks!
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If he has been near any other dogs that were sick, no telling what he might have. Your Vet after examining him should be able to tell you and come up with a treatment plan.
The vet ruled out kennel cough (symptoms don't match). He thought it sounded like there may be fluid in the chest, so we did an X-Ray but it turned out there really wasn't any fluid.

He gave me an antibiotic for gastrointestinal issues. He said that should help with the vomitting and loose stool. He recommended that we continue the chicken and rice diet until stool returns to normal.

He didn't feel an antibiotic for respiratory issues was needed at this point but he said I should monitoring the coughing/snorting. If it doesn't subside, he will prescribe an antibiotic for respiratory infection.
If he doesn't improve, probably a blood work up would be in order to check for infection or????

Agreed. The radiologist thought the X-ray showed a mild case of bronchitis. The vet thinks my dog is healthy enough to fight it enough without antibiotics, but if not, he is ready to prescribe an antibiotic.

As for the loose stool and vomitting, the fecal exam came back totally negative. No parasites. However my other dog is now also having loose stool with lots of mucus (but my other dog is not vomitting or coughing/snorting). So, my vet thinks it's viral. Both dogs are on a chicken and rice diet and a antibiotic for gastrointestinal issues.
The prescription is Metronizadole.
I have washed all bedding, toys, food and water bowls, and disinfected crates.

I am diligently keeping the yard clean of all fecal matter.

I have washed their paws with warm soapy water.

I am feeding then several small meals of shredded chicken breast (organic, skinless) and white rice.

I am administering the antibiotic as directed.

For my boy with bronchitis, my vet recommended I use Benadryl to alleviate the symptoms.

I am making sure the boys get rest.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I would welcome them.

For instance, should I give them some plain, organic yogurt to help mitigate the antibiotics? Or does that contradict the bland diet?
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we give Samantha yogurt when she is having gastric problems, or is on a long antibiotic course. Yogurt should be easy to digest, and it helps maintain and rebuild that bacterial bouquet so necessary for the digestive process to work.
Latest development-

Both dogs have loose stool heavily coated in thick grey mucus (gross, I know).

Both dogs are occasionally vomitting (mostly mucus).

Both are being treated with metronidazole, twice daily.

Both dogs are on a chicken and rice diet. They are having very few bowel movements (like only once a day, if that. Is this normal? Is it because there is very little waste product with the chicken and rice diet?)

The older dog, the one that's been snorting/coughing/sniffling now has white nasal discharge. I've been instructed to give him Benadryl 2-3x daily. It doesn't seem to be helping. The vet thought Benadryl would help allieviate the symptoms while my dog fights off what we think is bronchitis.

I have called the vet to tell him that the sniffling/snorting/coughing is becoming more frequent and now there is also nasal discharge.

I don't really want to see how much worse he gets before we try an antibiotic. I definitely don't want to go into the weekend with him getting worse and no treatment plan.

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If I remember correctly that grey mucus coating their stool, is a sign of a very irritated bowl tract, possibly infected. I would get them to a Vet, with stool samples if you can, and get them going on a medication regime sooner rather than later. If the bronchitis is bacterial, you definitely need to get him going on antibiotics.
I agree, their GI tract is very upset. Both dogs are on metronizdale twice daily and eating chicken and rice.

My boy with bronchitis is also on clavamox & temaril.

I am worried sick about my little boys. They've always been so healthy and I can't stand seeing them like this. I know things could certainly be worse, they have appetites and they want to go on walks and play, but I know they aren't 100% and that makes me sad :(

If anyone has advice or words of reassurance, I'd really appreciate it.
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