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So many times we love our pets and often think this simple surgery we just scheduled is the right answer.... but what if it's not? Have you really done your homework? Do you really know the risk involved? Does everyone truly understand what could go wrong? Has your doctor told you the risks of hospital acquired infections?

Our family recently lost our precious lab due to surgical complications that were so easily preventable. No he didn't lick an incision. No he didn't injure himself during recovery. He caught not 1 but 2 hospital acquired bacterial infections. We fought very hard to save his life! But in the end the bacteria was much stronger than his sweet body could handle. I'm not intending to question if all surgical clinics are properly sterilizing and because we ended up with a bad surgeon doesn't mean all surgical clinics are the same. I just want to remind other families that losing your dog to complications from surgery really does happen.

Please really understand what it is that your pet truly needs, scheduled to have done, and the true complications that could occur. Always consider a 2nd opinion before making a commitment. We miss our precious dog tremendously and tonight our house is just a little too quiet. If this post prevents just one family from going through what our family has went through, then I'd say it's worth posting.

Kiss your sweet pup a little more this evening. Oh, what we wouldn't give if we could do the same!
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