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Just wanted to introduce myself and my furry family before I start some in-depth reading in the forum. I am a 58 year old widow, who has always had a houseful of dogs, cats and various other animals from time to time. My son is grown and out on his own, so my animals are my babies, buddies and companions. All my animals are rescues and I'll be glad to tell you their stories sometime if you are interested. They are all also spayed and neutered. I am a firm believer. My animals all have forever homes with me and have already been provided for in case I should die before they do. None of my "kids" will ever be homeless again if I have anything to say about it!!

They are Piper, a 10 year old female black Persian cat, and she is "THE BOSS", then Lacy, a 9 year old female Borador who just came to live with us last weekend and is still getting used to us, next is Jake, 4 year old male, Beagollie? (I couldn't figure out what a beagle/border collie mix would be so a friend came up with beagollie.) He's the one in my avatar.
Then the girls. Abby and Mikka, both a year and a half old, born a week apart. Abby was some idiot's try at breeding a Himalayan cat by mating a Persian mother with a Siamese father. Abby turned out to be little and dainty like the Siamese and has long black hair like the Persian. If you know the Himalayan breed, that ain't it!! And finally Mikka, a female solid gray Blue Russian mix.

I am also a sucker for special needs. Piper has a stomach disorder, Mikka has feline herpes, Jake is prone to outbreaks from demodex mange, Abby is very tiny from being taken from her mother at 4 weeks, and Lacy is a senior. Hopefully, she won't have too many issues. We have enough challenge in our lives....

I came here to learn what I can about yellow labs so that I can understand Lacy's personality and needs a little better. I've had all kinds of mixed breed dogs, collies, german shepherds, cairn and silky terriers, a redbone hound, chow mix and who knows what else, but never a lab. When I read some of the posts, I decided to join. You seem like a very nice group. Please forgive me for running on so long, but I am a pet lover and I love to talk about my pets! See you around the forum ;)
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