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My boy has the strangest nibbling problem.

Leroy is a rescue, 1 year and 4 months. So the nibbling problem can be stress or just a strange habit he picked up.

When he's on my bed, he'd just nibble my blankets, duvet cover or pillow. He nibbles it with his front teeth, pinching it between them. Now he does this at random times, while I'm petting him, he'll start nibbling, he also nibbles his back upper leg. He's only allowed on my bed, but jumps up against the other beds and then nibbles their covers too.

It doesn't do any damage to the covers, its just weird and strange behavior. I gave him something to chew, because maybe his teeth itches. Sometimes he'll take the chewy, sometimes he won't and will just continue nibbling the bed.

So at the end of the month, we're gonna go looking for a material toy for him. A chew toy made out of stitched materials. Maybe he just likes the material and it satisfies him when he nibbles it.

He'll also pinch your skin with his nibbles when you're not giving him attention 😂


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