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Hi all

newbie to this site:thumbsup:

Sorry for the long question, but any advice would be welcome

Hi there,

My dog has been acting very strangly over the past few days and i am trying to figure out what could be wrong with her.... (if only dogs could talk)

Firstly, let me paint the broader picture:

My child has been home during the 3 week school holiday so our dog has been indoors and has been kept company all this time. Then on Friday night we had a function to attend and she was left alone from 6-9, Saturday & Sunday we were in & out the entire day. Monday was back to school so the usual routine followed where she is left outside (with a wendy house as shelter) until my child gets home from school.

So the symptoms started like this:

*She has this vacant look in her eyes
*She hardly wags her tail
*She has no emotion at all anymore
*She is no longer playful, she just lays around
*She is eating & drinking water
*She shakes & shivers
*And last night it seemed that she was in pain as she keeps pulling her hind legs up toward her stomach.
*Very restless at night..... she changes position continously through the night
*she looks like is in pain but she is not crying, although she does wimper.

I am leaning toward anxiety as i think the 3 week of being indoors and then the sudden shock of being left alone could have caused this.
We are showering her with love & cuddles... Are there any other suggestions? Would you recommend a visit to the vet?

Many thanks
Worried fur-mom
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