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Hello all,

I am new to the forum!

My name is Sarah. My husband and I have just adopted an 18-month old beagle/terrier mix from a local rescue. They told us he was found on the streets in West Virginia and was brought up to Connecticut by rescue volunteers. He has been at the shelter for a little over a month before we met him and welcomed him into our family.

He seems to be very timid. He is a sweet, sweet boy. Very quick to give face licks, comes when he is called, and seems to want to cuddle constantly.

He will sit down and look very sad. I'm not sure what happened to this boy in his previous days before coming to our home, but I am so glad he is safe with us now. He seems to very happy and curious as to my whereabouts constantly and gets confused if I am not following him outside on his walks with his new daddy.

It has been many years since I've had a dog, and have only ever dealt with rescues. My last boy was a rough rescue, was severely abused, malnourished and sick when we adopted him, and it took a lot of intense training and rehabilitation to get him to the vibrant, amazing, incredible pup he was until he sadly passed away in 2007.

Any tips or suggestions on helping this lovely boy with his transition to our family would be excellent. He seems to miss the companionship of other dogs, so we have thought about doggy daycare once or twice a week for a few hours to keep him socialized when we are not able to be home, but we would like to be able to train him to be able to be home by himself for a few hours here and there without any problems. We have him scheduled for training, but anything we can do at home that you can suggest would be great! I feel like a brand new mom all over again. I'm nervous and want to show everyone pictures ;)

I look forward to "meeting" you all! :)
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